Storage facilities
Ware-houses of ready goods on
PJSC ARMAPROM, PJSC Slavgorod Fitting valves plant
Interindustrial ware-house for supply of complete sets of products
Ware-housing complex of JSC ARMA
System of tests and controls established on the enterprise allows us to control tens of parameters on each stage of production – from melting of steel till packing and marking of ready goods.
Machining and assembly
Mirgorod and Slavgorod valve factories are the enterprises of full cycle and include work-shops and departments for machining of parts. Implementation of program for widening our product range and manufacturing of new kinds of products require modern machining equipment with numerous functions, high efficiency, precision, reliability.
and forging
Special Design-Technological Bureau
of industrial valve construction
Own Design-Technological Bureau allows finding in short time non-standard technical solutions of customers` problems. Implementation of computer systems and modern technologies of design became the base for creation of united information space for efficient management of projects within entire enterprise.