Forging operations

PJSC Slavgorod Fitting valves plant manufactures pipe-line valves and many other products by method of hot forging. Hot die forging is a kind of metal forming processes, in which forging is shaped from heated billet with a help of stamp. Impacted by beating load, billet acquires the shape set by stamp. Rolled bars of round, square and rectangular section can be used as billets for hot forging.  

Equipment of forging work shop of Slavgorod Fitting valves plant includes hammers and presses for hot forging, induction heating units and furnaces, cutting crank presses.


Detailed list of equipment of forging work-shop can be found HERE. 

Equipment of work-shop allows to produce forgings with weight from 0,5 kg till 17kg.

Main dimensions of billets used for hot forging:

  • Round with diameter from 30 till 160 mm (for press)
  • Square 100х400 mm and round 250-270 mm (for hammer).


Gallery of forging work-shop of the factory.  

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