Company history

Private joint stock company «Promarmatura» was founded on 16th of December 1994. The company was founded by Igor Mezhebovskiy (General Director) and Alexander Chelyadin (Chairman of the Boar of Directors).

Promarmatura started its activity from supplies of pipe-line valves made by Zaporozhye Valve Plant to Ukrainian enterprises. First successful steps became determinant for choosing direction of activity of the young company. Soon after that our share-holders were lucky to meet Mr.Shulman - the leader of Novgorod Machine Engineering Corporation “SPLAV” and one of the founders of modern valve engineering.    

Acquaintance and cooperation with such significant personality was real good fortune and precious experience for the young company.  And soon «Promarmatura» used this experience in practice. In 1995 our company started cooperation with Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat.  Work with industrial giant taught us a lot: flexible and fast reaction to all the needs of enterprise, efficient work when terms are counted not for days but for hours, individual approach demanded by specific character of the enterprise.  For the whole period of cooperation we had many losses, difficulties and disappointments, but we had much more of partnership, trust and mutual understanding.

During the next five years JSC «Promarmatura» concluded more contracts with big industrial enterprises for supplies of pipe-line valves and equipment.  During this period we had several major partners and our activity was focused on them:  

  • “Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat“
  • “Belaruskaliy”
  • “Norilsk Nickel”  
  • “Ust-Ilimsk Pulp Mill”
  • “Berezniki titanium and magnesium combinat”

Understanding further necessity for company development, share-holders formed new management team and set new tasks – without loss of tempo and quality of work with existing key partners, it was necessary to enlarge and optimize the structure of enterprise, create a company that would be able to provide fast growth of sales volumes and widen geography of supplies keeping high level of quality at the same time.   


Valve enterprises which were included in JSC «Promarmatura» at this period forced our company to solve new economical tasks and bring to a new level of professional and social responsibility. New structure of company was created soon due to persistent work of each member of our team. We got the opportunity to work more efficiently on each stage: from design and production to storage, shipments and after-guarantee service of pipe-line valves and equipment. As a result during these five years our company made sales volumes several times bigger, enlarged sales markets and geography of supplies.  Nowadays pipe-line valves manufactured by enterprises of JSC «Promarmatura» work in all climatic zones, from arctic to hot Asian deserts, from seas of Far East to wet tropics of south-east Asia.    

Commissioned in December 2002 new metallurgical complex for melting corrosion resistant and special steel grades - «Spetsstall GOR Works Ltd.» - allowed our company to master unique types of valves for chemically active media and to occupy leading position in this direction. Qualitative changes in work of JSC «Promarmatura» were evaluated by certificate ISO — 9001 of Bureau VERITAS.  In 2003 in Dnepropetrovsk new ware-house for supply of complete sets of products was founded, which presently is the biggest valve stock on the territory of CIS.

Then representative offices of the company were opened in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Germany.  And at the same time JSC «Promarmatura» obtained the status of official representative on the territory of Ukraine of more than 20 leading manufacturers of pipe-line valves and equipment from CIS countries, Europe, Asia which gave an opportunity to be a complex supplier for any industrial enterprise of Ukraine and ship the goods from ware-house in Dnepropetrovsk.

For more efficient work in the year 2004 custom-bonded ware-house was opened, there we can store the products of many manufacturers, when necessary make custom clearance and ship goods to the customer. This way delivery time becomes shorter and foreign manufacturers can keep equipment stock which is necessary for their work.   

Modernization of production.

Today Promarmatura is dynamically developing production company, absolute leader of Ukrainian valve market having long time reputation of reliable supplier for tens of companies in many countries of CIS.

Take a look at our reference list. We have enough to be proud of.

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