Central factory laboratory and testing complex

Central laboratory of the factory JSC ARMAPROM is qualified by Main sectoral certification commission for the right of conducting control over equipment and materials supplied to the objects of power engineering and for execution of measurements which results are used for identification of chemical and mechanical properties.

 Personnel of central factory laboratory was trained and checked for theoretical knowledge and practical skills with the right of issuing protocols of tests for power stations with results of below test methods:

  • spectrographic analysis,
  • chemical analysis of metals,
  • steeloscope,
  • mechanical tests (tensile test at normal and high temperature, impact-bending test at normal and low temperature, control of hardness),
  • metallographic test (check of macrostructure of steel, control of microstructure of welding surfacing and weld connections),
  • check of ferritic phase,
  • test for intercrystalline corrosion resistance,
  • dye penetrant inspection,
  • ultrasonic control,
  • radiographic inspection.

In the process of steel melting with the help of spectrometer SPECTROLAB М we make express-analysis of chemical composition in order to confirm its compliance with requirements of standards.      

The stuff of metrological service of central factory laboratory is trained and has certificates providing the right of check and calibration of test equipment for measuring of geometrical and mechanical values, electric and magnetic values and such values as pressure, flow rate and temperature.  

Products manufactured by JSC «Armaprom» tested with air and water on testing stands of Test laboratory for industrial pipe-line valves of JSC «Armaprom», which is certified in a system of GOST R.

Quantity of testing equipment – 10 stands. Test media – water, air; test pressure– 10 ÷  1050 kgf/cm2, range of tested valves – from DN10 to DN600. Also new testing machine for valves for power stations allows testing products with working pressure up to 40 MPa. 

System of tests and controls established on the enterprise allows us to control tens of parameters on each stage of production – from melting of steel till packing and marking of ready goods. 

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