Special Design-Technological Bureau

Special Design-Technological Bureau of industrial valve construction has the following functions: 

  • study and synthesis of modern trends in development of valve industry;
  • studying demand of different industry fields for pipe-line valves;
  • study and analysis of internal and foreign markets of valves;
  • study and use of new materials and technologies in design of pipe-line valves;
  • designing new kinds of pipe-line valves according to performance specification of customer;
  • coordination of factories` engineering and technical personnel work on implementation of new products, cooperation and efficient use of production  facilities;
  • consulting for design and operation enterprises on application, replacement and repair of valves.


Implementation of computer systems and modern technologies of design became the base for creation of united information space for efficient management of projects within entire enterprise.

Main computer programs applied:

3D solid design System
is a working place of designer, it provides opportunity of complex solutions of three-dimensional designing, of quick and precise creation of parameter computer models of entire product or its separate units and parts, also in future this design can be easily changed and improved.  Besides, 3-D models created in SolidWorks can be used for further development of program control for CNC machines.

System SprutCAM

allows developing of program controls for machining of parts with different level of complexity on 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 coordinate machining centers with CNC. SprutCAM is used for producing stamps, die molds, casting molds, prototype models, master-models, parts of machines and constructions, original products, patterns; for engraving inscriptions and pictures.

allows to create shop-to-shop routing for the product, to set and calculate parameters of billet for the product, design technological process of machining of parts, create new versions of technological processes, reflect changes of technical processes in documents, create group/typical technical processes, create sets of technological documents, provide connection with a system of designing documents archives, provide connection with 3D solid design System.